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Down to earth coaching for founders.

Simple advice - real results
based on 28 years of founder experience

3x founder | 3x exits | 1x unicorn

I help alleviate this solitude by coaching founders on the skills and playbooks needed to be successful.


Travelling the entrepreneurial journey can often feel isolating.

story telling | execution | experimenting


Dov Marmor
CEO & co-founder Quiltmind
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"Nigel is a true founder with the track record to match it. His super power is finding annoying problems in the B2B ecosystem and build great teams from scratch to solve them."

Ivo Weevers
CEO & co-founder Albert
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"Nigel was the first advisor to our startup and instrumental in its success and 8-figure exit to global bank Santander."

Alex Somervell
CEO & co-founder Silver
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"The difference of having someone who has been through the pain and overcome it (on a number of occasions) is huge."

Advisory Services

Based upon patterns I have observed and used  over 28 years as a founder.  

Story Telling

There is a direct correlation with success for founders who communicate their purpose rather than talk of product functionality.


Ideas mean nothing unless a founder can execute and deliver their ideas. As an early stage company, execution eats strategy.


Experimenting is the art of not wasting cash when finding product / market fit, ideal customer profile and effective sales funnels. 

A Little About Me

My name is Nigel Verdon
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I am a company builder and outdoorsman. 


Over the past 28 years I have founded / exited three fintech companies (Evolution, Currency Cloud and Railsbank), mentored founders from zero to exit and worked with 100's of founders.


As a company builder, my sweet spot is taking an idea from zero to $1m revenue and then preparing to scale. 

Why do I mention outdoorsman? I have been in love with experiencing nature and the great outdoors since as long as I can remember.


I believe this exposure to the greatness and dangers of nature has conditioned me since a small child to have some of the core founder skills of communicating inspiration, understanding risk and being highly resilient.

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